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Christopher Dennis, Maxwell Allen, Jennifer Wenger, Joseph McQueen

Michael Shea: Difficult?  I would not say it’s difficult working with the characters.  I think I’d be hard pressed to say that.     …It’s annoying sometimes, but not difficult.

A documentary following 4 aspiring actors who make extra money by dressing up as superheros and posing for photographs with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard.

Wow.  I guess if society provides a niche, no matter how strange and humiliating, somebody will be willing to come along and fill it if there’s money to be made.

Here’s a movie where we see 4 different personalities featured, from 4 people with very different backgrounds.  Though, all share a common goal:  to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

First is Superman (Dennis).  He is obsessed with all things related to the Man of Steel…other than actually having muscles to fill out his Superman costume.  He is the veteran in the game and always plays by the rules laid out for these sidewalk performers.

Next we have Batman (Allen).  This guy is flippin’ nuts.  He claims to have worked for the mafia in the past and is not shy about telling anyone who will listen about all the people he killed in his darker days.  He’s not obsessed with Batman the way Dennis is with Superman, but I’m sure he thinks that the Dark Knight echos his own personality in some way.  Even if it’s just imagined.  Heck, even his wife says that at least half of what he says probably isn’t true.

Then there’s Wonder Woman (Wenger).  Easily the most attractive person in the bunch (in a race that was over before it even started – and despite Allen’s repeated claims that he’s mistaken for George Clooney all the time), she also seems like she’s probably the most normal one.  Normal for Hollywood anyway.  She was a starstruck kid who couldn’t wait to get out of her nowhere town and become famous.  Now she’s struggling to find acting gigs while making money to live on however she can.  Yeah, dime-a-dozen out there I’d imagine.

Lastly, there’s The Hulk (McQueen).  Nice enough guy, formerly homeless, and probably not cut out for the acting biz.  Still, of all of them, I found myself rooting for his success more than anybody else’s.

I think this is a well made documentary, but I ended up just staring with curiosity most of the time rather than being engrossed by the story being told.  Dennis and Allen both come off as strange, dishonest people, and since they’re featured the most, it got a little aggravating watching them.  Seeing the Hulk and Wonder Woman show up was always a welcome sight.

At the end you might find yourself wondering what the point of even telling this story is.  Well, it could be yet another wake up call to all those starry-eyed Hollywood-bound travelers, that you should all be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep yourself afloat while you look for those major acting gigs.

Or it could be an excuse to poke fun at the weird people in funny outfits.

Either way, I think we can all agree that Wonder Woman is kinda hot.

If you’re a wannabe actor, and you have an opportunity to make some extra money (and it doesn’t involve selling drugs or your body)…take it.

10 – 2.3 for some people who are just annoying to watch – 1 for just not being the most engaging subject matter = 6.7