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the real victory is my hair...


A bunch of former Harvard and Yale players including Tommy Lee Jones.

Tommy Lee Jones: I remember telling myself to be cool and stay smooth…and think.

In 1968, the Harvard and Yale football teams were both undefeated when they played each other.  Yale was highly favored and led the game 29-6 before Harvard began a miraculous comeback, resulting in a tie that felt more like a victory to them and a loss to Yale.

I’m not sure how many people this documentary will appeal to, but if you’re a fan of interesting sports stories, I would imagine you’d like this one alright.  Though, actually, there’s more here than just the story about the game.  We do get some interesting stories about what the various players were going through in their personal lives.  War was raging in Vietnam, and obviously that affected them all in various ways, not just the ones that had to go fight.

It’s also interesting to see the stoic Tommy Lee Jones as the lone recognizable face amongst the various former players.  Though some of the players talk about how they were friends with George W. Bush at the time, and one player was even dating Meryl Streep.  That was a random little aside.

The movie is made up almost entirely of a)footage from the game, and b)interviews with the former players.  So be ready for a lot of talking and a lot of old football footage.  I thought it was a bit heavy on the old footage, showing meaningless plays that had little to do with the outcome of the game.  But at the same time, the old footage was invaluable because it refuted at least one claim by one of the players about a big tackle he says he made (but really didn’t).

Some of the players are entertaining enough to listen to that the movie doesn’t drag on too much.  I think the movie could have maybe used a little more style to perk up the interest, but it seems like they were going for an intentionally old feel to it, so that may have not been possible.  All the credits and subtitles and such look about the same as they do on the old 1968 footage.  It’s kinda neat to do it like that, but it does add to the general flat feel of the movie.

In conclusion, if you’re a Harvard or Yale grad, you might enjoy this film.  If you’re a fan of interesting sports stories, you might enjoy this film.  If you like random historical stories, it might work for you also.  If you don’t like watching people talk, or sports, or documentaries, or history, then you may want to avoid it.

It ain’t over till it’s over!  (I just thought up that totally original idea all by myself.)

10 – 2.3 for a general flat, dull feel to it = 7.7