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your hair! give it to me! now!


Mark Doherty, Dylan Moran, Keith Allen, Amy Huberman

Pierce: Look, you have to start thinking about this, Mark, okay?  I’d say we have about two options…
Mark: Just get the police.
Pierce: That is not one of them.  The first one involves beards and Morocco.

Mark (Doherty) is a down on his luck actor living in a dilapidated apartment with his girlfriend and his wheelchair bound brother.  Through a series of strange accidents, several people are killed inside the apartment, and Mark enlists the help of his best friend, Pierce (Moran), to dispose of the bodies.

This is a dark comedy that is actually funny because it doesn’t rely solely on silly hijinks to score laughs.  Most of the laughs come from the dialogue, specifically Mark and Pierce’s discussions about how they’re going to try to explain this assortment of dead bodies to the police.

The first 15 to 20 minutes is spent establishing the characters and the problems with the apartment.  Those problems need to be set up because they will all play a part later in at least one of the unfortunate deaths.  That first section isn’t particularly funny, but the comedy is ramped up several notches once Pierce and Mark start trying to solve their little dilemma.

While I think Moran is the funnier of the two, I thought both he and Doherty did a good job of playing things fairly realistically as far as how panicked and serious they are.  That bit of realism added more to the comedy, and the overall quality of the movie.

Of course some of the plot points are a little hard to buy, but that’s sort of the point of the movie.  The characters are in just as much a state of disbelief as the audience is.  I’m not sure they could actually pull off Pierce’s eventual solution, but if the set up is possible, why can’t the resolution be possible too, right?

While I can’t call this a great movie, I did enjoy it quite a bit, despite the slow start and the ending that felt slightly off for some reason.  There was another movie I saw in 2009 called Death at a Funeral which attempted this sort of dark humor and failed miserably, in my opinion.  This movie gets it right.

Don’t climb on wobbly stools.

10 – .8 for a slow beginning that’s not very funny – .7 because admittedly it’s not the most original concept – .7 for a few comedy attempts that fail here and there – .4 because I thought the end seemed a little weak, or of a different comedic tone maybe…either way, didn’t work for me = 7.4