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so what's your favorite thing about me, my hair or my flannel shirt?


Jesse Eisenberg, Chris Marquette, Jason Ritter, Eva Amurri, Sebastian Stan, Gloria Votsis

While still in high school, Charlie Banks (Eisenberg) anonymously calls the police on Mick (Ritter) after he severely beat up two other kids.  Some time later, while Charlie and his friend Danny (Marquette) are in college, Mick shows up wanting to just hang out with them for a while.  Charlie, having never been comfortable around Mick, is apprehensive about him being there, especially when the girl Charlie has a crush on starts showing interest in Mick.

There are certain people in this world that you just know are going to have difficulty staying out of trouble.  Maybe you’re friends with them, but you never want to get too close because you just don’t trust that they’re not going to drag you into whatever trouble they find.  Mick is one of those people, and Charlie just doesn’t want to let him back into his life like his other friends seem willing to do.

That’s one aspect of the movie I liked.  Eisenberg was good at showing Charlie’s growing frustration as he just has to watch and wonder why his friends don’t realize what a menace to society Mick really is.

Unfortunately, Eisenberg is also annoying most of the rest of the time.  I’m just not a fan of his odd delivery and little mannerisms.  Even though I sympathize with Charlie, I don’t really like him much.

This movie is the directorial debut of Fred Durst, of the band Limp Bizkit, if I’m not mistaken.  It has a fairly nice look to it, but nothing particularly eye-catching.  In fact, that’s my feeling about the whole thing.  It looks okay, the dialogue is alright, the acting is mostly fine, the story is somewhat interesting, and I liked that it wasn’t a neat ending tied up in a bow.  But nothing really jumps out at me that would make it much better than average.  It’s not a bad way to spend an hour and 40 minutes, it’s just not a memorable way to spend that time either.

Bullies have feelings too.  Sort of.

10 – 2.5 for everything just being sort of average – 1.2 for Charlie being a generally annoying character = 6.2