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I couldn't help notice your straw is bigger than mine...


Tunde Adebimpe, Hippolyte Girardot, Natalia Verbeke, James Wilby

Alicia: Have you ever thought about wearing contacts?
George: No…I don’t think my face makes much sense without my glasses.

George (Adebimpe) is supposed to get married in 3 days.  It’s an arranged marriage, and he is not too thrilled about it.  After being a day late and missing his future bride at the airport, George meets two people.  First, it’s Alicia (Verbeke).  She’s a beautiful Hispanic woman who George is instantly attracted to.  Second is Gerard (Girardot), a heartbroken Frenchman who latches on to George out of loneliness.  George discovers that Alicia has a boyfriend, and decides to let Gerard drive him up to Niagara for his wedding.  But on the way, the two run in to Alicia and her boyfriend, giving George one more shot at finding true love.

You know, occasionally it’s good to see a movie that’s almost entirely feel good fluff.  Sometimes you just want to have some cotton candy.  That’s what this movie is.  It’s not hard hitting or an incredible insight into the human condition.  It’s just a nice, positive, romantic comedy directed in a fun, creative way.

Plus, the three central characters – George, Gerard, and Alicia – are all great in their own ways.  George is a nice, quiet, nerdy guy who has been raised by his uncle after losing his parents early in life.  Gerard’s strong passion is his undoing, as he pursues people, is hurt when they get a little scared and run away, then falls into depression.  He also looks kind of like a French version of Joel McHale.  Alicia is just plain cute and effervescent.

There are no real plot surprises here, though some of the plot turns are awfully contrived.  The story arc is exactly as you’d expect it to be.  But like I said, that’s ok sometimes.  It’s not trying to be much more than that.  It’s just trying to give the audience a good time.  It managed to do that for me.  It’s sweet, funny, and moves at a good pace.  Probably due in large part to Hippolyte Girardot’s energetic performance.  He’s great as Gerard, showing a serious, touching side in addition to his comedic side.

This one probably won’t change your life or go on your list of all time favorites, but I do think it will put a smile on your face.  It might also prompt you to learn a foreign language…

Learning a foreign language could be beneficial in multiple ways.

10 – 2 for some silly plot contrivances – .2 for a few comedic attempts falling flat = 7.8