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she was my favorite...though I think she was the one that died...which is very sad.


Thomas Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen

Artist guy with beard whose name I don’t remember: I know some people think it’s dumb to even paint.  But you know what?  That’s cool.  ‘Cause some people think it’s dumb to, like, do everything, ya know?

This is a documentary that follows a group of underground artists whose influence would gradually work its way into the mainstream.

You know, sometimes I just don’t GET art.  At least not the more abstract types.  I can appreciate that a person is doing something creative, something that I wouldn’t be able to do.  Yet, I still tilt my head and say, “so what is it?”  Maybe I’m too structured a thinker, needing to see something recognizable.  Or at the very least, some beautiful colors.

I sort of felt that way while watching this movie.  I could appreciate that the artists were doing some interesting things, but I still found myself asking, “what’s the point of that?”  Though, maybe that’s the goal of the artist, to get people to ask questions and think about their art.

Either way, it held my interest for about 2/3 of its running time.  The middle section really got bogged down in a lot of talking.  I had to muscle through that to get to the more interesting ending.  It was sort of fascinating to see how these people had turned their underground art into stuff that was visible all over the city, in print, and even on television commercials.

At times I felt like I was watching some people who were a little too into applauding themselves over how cool they were, but at other times I found myself saying, “gosh that looks fun!”  Not just the creating new things aspect, but the idea of finding kindred spirits in the least likely of places.

All in all, it’s a reasonably interesting look at some artists, how they are influenced, why they create what they create, the things they sacrifice to do what they love, and the ways they use their art to make a living.  Is blogging an art form?  Maybe if I made my posts more abstract…

I learned that one of the artists knew a guy who was beheaded on a playground about 12 years ago.  And that he has no problem telling little kids about it.

10 – 2.2 for a sloooow middle section – .8 because some of the artists are not as enjoyable or interesting to listen to as others = 7.0