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so how come you're in this weird movie, when you're, like, a real actor and stuff?


Samantha Figura, Marina Resa, Jesse Eisenberg, Trevor Zacharias

Mark: What is that bubbling tube?  You’re not gonna accidentally blow up the house, are you?
Gina: Well, if it happened accidentally, then I wouldn’t know if it was gonna happen or not…

A 17 year old girl, Gina (Figura), seems like a fairly normal teen…other than her unnaturally strong understanding of chemistry and physics.  And her tendency to have bizarre outbursts of anger and frustration.  She seems to think that she knows how to save a large percentage of mankind from an upcoming, unspecified event.

This is one of the most simple, yet bizarre movies I have ever seen.  I’ll admit that I was kind of lost throughout its entire running time.  I like to think of myself as not being a complete moron, but this was over my head.  If that makes me an idiot, then so be it.

Also, I believe in order to discuss my confusion, there will be spoilers ahead, so consider yourself warned.

I feel like the writer/director, Paul Todisco, was going for a bit of a Donnie Darko, suburban sci-fi mystery feel, but it’s much more ambiguous than that movie, if you can believe it.  It does have a nice look and feel to it, and mostly good acting, but man is it weird.  It’s quite possible that Gina and her friends living in the woods are not from earth at all.  Are they somehow related to the weird aliens we randomly see occasional shots of walking on a barren landscape with the sun beating down on them?  That, among other things, seems to hint that the sun might be to blame for whatever eminent doom Gina foresees.  Though, in the end it almost seems like there’s something more biblical going on.

There are some interesting moments where we see characters dealing with the idea of knowing when the end (whether on a personal or global scale) is coming.  Some can take it with a sort of resigned peacefulness, while others fight to find a solution to stop it.  Others, like Gina’s friend Jennifer (Resa), can’t handle it at all.

In fact, maybe the whole movie is an allegory about different human reactions to mortality.  You’ve got characters that seem to have faith that things will be okay, a character that turns to her scientific knowledge to find a solution (before ultimately resigning to fate), and others that get angry or sad at the thought.

As deep and as thought provoking as it may be, I still didn’t have a very good time watching it.  It was frustrating.  Almost intentionally so.  At least Donnie Darko had a fair amount of concrete stuff surrounding its ambiguity.  This movie drifts from confusing scene to confusing scene until I was ready to know exactly when the end was coming.  The end of the movie, that is.  (har har, aren’t I funny?  …no.)

Probably best not to know the exact date of the inevitable.

10 – 4 for everything I said about the confusing nature of the movie and its attempts at being deep without giving us much to hold on to = 6.0