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wooow...that dinosaur almost kind of looks somewhat realistic...in a way.


Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride

Matt Lauer: You’ve spent 50 million dollars of your own money studying time warps??
Rick: No…that’s adorable.  No, tax payer’s money.  I don’t have 50 million dollars.

Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell) has invented the tachyon amplifier, which allows him to travel sideways in time to another dimension.  Along for the ride is Holly Cantrell (Friel) and Will Stanton (McBride), the owner of a little souvenir shop next to the legendary cave that the three encounter a time portal in.

I knew going in that this wasn’t a very well received movie, so I was prepared for the worst, and while I can’t say I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  It was just kind of…there.  Not particularly funny, but not painfully unfunny.  I laughed a few times, and generally smiled enough to make it watchable.  Of course, Anna Friel being in it helped.

The character of Chaka is one I could have done without.  Just plain old unfunny.  And how does Holly speak his language so easily?

I guess I’m in the camp that is not annoyed by Will Ferrell.  I don’t think he’s all that hilarious, but he doesn’t bother me.  He’s usually at his most amusing in subtle ways.  Ya know, subtle…like when he’s pouring dinosaur urine all over himself to disguise his scent.  Actually, that is a humorous scene, but it goes on too long.

That’s kind of the story of the whole movie.  The gags are dragged out too long, probably because they didn’t have enough funny stuff written.  So, let’s just drag out what we do have!  It’s a thin concept and a thin story, stretched out over 102 minutes.  It wants to be a big, exciting adventure, but when the T-Rex isn’t around, it’s fairly boring.

When in an alternate dimension, don’t taunt the dinosaurs.

10 – 2.1 for a thin, predictable story – 1 for that annoying Chaka character – 1.4 for not being funny enough = 5.5