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hold up everybody, I just got an email from my agent...he may have found me a better role.


Idris Elba, Ali Larter, Beyonce Knowles

Sharon: You came into my house, you touched my child…you think you’re crazy!?  I’ll show you crazy!  Just try me, b****!!

Derek (Elba) is happy and successful both at work and in his personal life.  He’s happily married to Sharon (Knowles), and they have a young son together.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, a crazy temp could start working in Derek’s office, and this crazy temp, Lisa (Larter), could become obsessed with stealing Derek away from his wife.  That wouldn’t be much fun.

I have a theory about how this movie came into being.  I think a bunch of executives were sitting around thinking about what two actresses they wanted to see fight/wrestle each other.  Since Beyonce is everywhere, her name came up pretty quick.  Somebody else was a fan of the show Heroes, so Ali Larter’s name was thrown into the mix.  Eventually those were the two that were settled on, and they began trying to build a movie around that one fight scene.

Preposterous?  Well then maybe you haven’t seen the movie.  There’s not much else to it.  The plot progresses exactly as one would expect, so there’s really no reason to discuss the specifics further.

Idris Elba (and maybe Ali Larter as well) is too good for this kind of trash.  He has a good presence on screen and should be playing parts with much more substance.  Beyonce isn’t too bad, but she’s mostly there to act annoyed with Derek and then fight Lisa.

I will say this for the movie, it’s a borderline guilty pleasure sort of film.  The leads are all attractive, the dialogue is energetic, even when stupid, and then there’s the big fight at the end.  You might get a kick out of it, even if afterward you realize you never want to see it again.

Never trust a temp.

10 – 4.5 for being so predictable and standard and stupid – .5 for too much irrational, idiotic behavior from the characters = 5.0