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I'll give you a quarter if you can explain this movie to me...


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lynn Collins

Bobby: Will we be people with a kid…or parents?

Two separate stories, involving the same couple, Bobby (Gordon-Levitt) and Kate (Collins), unfold simultaneously on July 4th.  One involves the couple finding a cell phone in a taxi and quickly discovering that some dangerous people want to get their hands on the phone.  The other story is a more mundane one about Bobby and Kate visiting Kate’s family for a holiday dinner.

Strange movie, this one.  It begins with Bobby and Kate standing on the Brooklyn bridge, discussing a big decision they need to make.  Bobby pulls out a coin, flips it, they look at the result, then go running off in opposite directions.  Bobby arrives at a green van, being driven by Kate, and the word GREEN is displayed on screen.  This is the green storyline, where the couple finds a lost dog on their way to meet up with Kate’s family.  Meanwhile, Kate gets to the other end of the bridge and hops into a taxi with, you guessed it, Bobby as a passenger already.  This is the YELLOW storyline.  Once in the taxi, they soon discover the mysterious cell phone which will lead to a world of trouble for them.

The obvious movie to compare this one to is Sliding Doors, but actually they seem quite different.  In Sliding Doors, there was one little moment, one brief delay that changed Gwenyth Paltrow’s life forever and sent the movie down two separate paths.  In this movie, I’m not sure that’s the case.  The decision at the beginning is a little ambiguous, though their is some mention of whether or not they’re going to go to Brooklyn or Manhattan.  Why that’s such a monumental decision, I’m not sure.  The green storyline has them on an obviously scheduled trip to Kate’s family’s house for dinner, but the yellow storyline doesn’t mention this at all.  It doesn’t seem as though the decision was to go to dinner or not.  Yeah, I was confused a bit.

Either way, it wouldn’t matter if the stories were more compelling, but while neither is bad, neither is great either.  Yellow is more exciting because their lives are at stake, but I was also a little dumbfounded at how stupid some of their decisions were.  Once you know someone is after you, and that they’re willing to kill in broad daylight to get what they want…ditch the cell phone!  Instead, they try to make some money off the situation.  To say they’re in over their heads is an understatement.  Though, it’s fun to see them try.

Back in the green time line, their biggest decision seems to be whether or not to tell Kate’s family that she’s pregnant.  Oh, and what to do with the lost dog they’ve found.  Yeah, the green story isn’t quite as high stakes as the yellow.

Both the leads do a good job, though JGL doesn’t really get to display as much of a range as he’s capable of.  Bobby’s very calm, cool, collected and…well, a little dull.  That kind of describes the whole movie actually.  Well put together, with some interesting views of New York, but also with a pervading sense of “so what?”

Don’t mess with guys with foreign accents and names like Dmitri.

10 – 3.1 for an overall blah, boring feeling – .2 because maybe I’m easily confused, but the beginning was confusing – .5 because the characters could have been more interesting = 6.2