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The Killing Room

ya know, I told myself not to go into a room called The Killing Room, but did I listen to myself? no...


Chloe Sevigny, Peter Stormare, Timothy Hutton, Nick Cannon, Shea Whigham

Tony: What language is that?
Crawford: I don’t know.
Tony: Sounds Muslim.
Crawford: That’s not a language…

An up and coming agent, Ms. Reilly (Sevigny), is brought on to a super secret, outside the government, project involving intense psychological tests on civilian volunteers.  As the volunteers begin getting killed off, Reilly has to ask herself if she can actually be a part of this kind of experiment.  Of course, her own life could depend on the answer to that question as well.

You find yourself in a white room with 3 other people, one of which has already been killed, and you’re being subjected to odd psychological tests.  What do you do?  Do you play along with the games?  Try to escape?  Or just do what everybody in these kinds of movies does:  get angry, argumentative, and violent?

So this movie goes.  There’s not much original here, even though there’s a surprising number of fairly highly respected actors involved.  I had to wonder what attracted them all to such a by the numbers script.  I guess it might have been the political angle at the end, but I won’t say any more about that.

I’m having trouble coming up with things to say about this movie because there’s nothing much interesting in it to talk about.  I guess I’d say it’s well made, in that it looks good and moves at a good pace.  There just weren’t many new or thought provoking ideas present.  Plus, the characters mumbled too much.  There were times when I couldn’t understand entire lines of dialogue.  That was very annoying.

The performances are fine, particularly Hutton and Sevigny, but there’s just not enough character development to get us rooting for or against any of them.  When it was over, I realized I had just watched it all with almost complete indifference towards the story and the characters.  Maybe it’s because of that indifference that the final message the movie delivers just seemed annoying rather than compelling.

Don’t reply to shady classified ads.

10 – 2.1 for being so by the numbers – 1 for not being very emotionally involving – 1 for an overly political message at the end = 5.9