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The Awful Truth

things get awkward...


Cary Grant, Irene Dunne

Armand: I really don’t know what to say.
Jerry: Yeah, well if you’d go, you really wouldn’t have to say anything.

After Jerry (Grant) thinks he has caught his wife possibly cheating on him with her voice coach, the couple decides to file for divorce.  While waiting for it to become final, both try to make the other jealous while simultaneously sabotaging each others new romances.

If there’s anything funnier than divorce and suspected infidelity, I’ve yet to see it!  Okay, not really, but it sure does seem to be the basis for a lot of romantic comedies.  It’s not particularly believable in this case, though, as a simple suspicion leads, almost immediately, to a decision to divorce.  It has to be that way so that we can jump into the real comedic situations.  And yes, they are funny quite often.  Though, the comedy isn’t quite as sustained as some other classic comedies I’ve seen.

It’s a very familiar story.  Two people who are clearly in love split up, then can’t admit how they still feel, so they try to make the other jealous enough to cave in and proclaim their love.  It sort of reminded me of the 1941 Hitchcock romantic comedy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  They’re about equally funny movies, but I like Grant more than Robert Montgomery, and I like Lombard more than Dunne.  Put Grant and Lombard together and then you’d have something!

One thing did puzzle me, and maybe somebody who has seen this can help me out here.  Where was Jerry actually when he was pretending to be in Florida at the beginning?  Either I missed an explanation on that, or there never really was one, outside of Jerry telling a friend not to ask about it.  Was Jerry the one who was actually off being unfaithful?

Regardless of that, the important thing is that it’s a funny movie.  Not uproariously so, but amusing throughout.  Though there are some scenes with big laughs.  Plus, there’s a cute dog.  Everybody loves a cute dog, right?

Cute dogs are even cuter when they play hide and seek.

10 – 2 because, while funny, it wasn’t as funny as it could’ve been – .3 for a couple characters that annoyed me = 7.7