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so...there's this island I want to show you...


Marguerite Moreau, Brian F. O’Byrne, Naveen Andrews, Emily Deschanel

Jamie: I dreamt I f***ed Homer Simpson.

Due to her tendency to let guys…uh…get too close too soon, Jamie (Moreau) has been in a string of miserable, short-lived relationships.  When she meets John (Andrews), a former teacher of hers, and starts up a relationship, things seem to be going well until an ex of his shows up to complicate things.  Meanwhile, Jamie has become friends with Mick (O’Byrne), a goofy talk show host who begins to develop strong feelings for Jamie.

This is basically a relationship movie that is a little bit everything.  It’s a little bit funny, a little bit romantic, a little bit touching, a little bit interesting, and a little bit too long.  It doesn’t excel at anything, but there’s nothing particularly bad about it either.  It’s just…there.

Moreau is definitely cute and likable as Jamie, even if you just shake your head at some of her choices, and she’s probably the main thing that makes the movie tolerable.  If she wasn’t appealing then the whole thing wouldn’t work.  As it is, it just sorta works.  I liked the job that the character had, too.  She names products.  Odd products, like a mechanical rat with wheels that squeaks as you push it along with a leash.  That made for a few amusing moments.

Like I said, though, it feels overlong.  I thought it was ending and resolving itself, but then I checked and saw that there was still about a half our left to go.  They had to put Jamie through one more round of break-ups and make-ups.  Plus they had to shuffle around all the other characters’ significant others as well.  There’s a lot of gaining, losing, and switching partners in this movie.  It got a little old.

All in all, it’s a modest little independent film with cheap cinematography, decent enough acting, complicated relationships, and a nice soundtrack by Grant Lee Phillips.  It’s nothing to go seeking out to see, but not a terrible way to spend a couple hours.

Men are jerks, yeah yeah, we know…

10 – 2.1 for feeling overlong and repetitive – 1 because it just looks a bit cheap + .1 for a nice soundtrack by Grant Lee Phillips – 1 because it can be annoying at times = 6.0