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more expressive this time? ok, I'll give it a shot...


David Hewlett, Cynthia Preston, Terry O’Quinn

Leon: How did you like Pin’s lecture?
Ursula: Oh, Marsha Bateman already told me all that stuff…but not about “the need”.  Do you think mother and father ever have “the need”?
Leon: They must…we’re here, aren’t we?

Leon (Hewlett) and his younger sister, Ursula (Preston), are the children of rich parents, one of which – their father – is a doctor.  His main method of teaching his children lessons is to use ventriloquism.  When they’re young, the children believe that the creepy, medical teaching doll in their father’s office is a real person.  As they get older, Ursula begins to understand that it’s just a doll, but Leon continues to believe it’s real, even into his high school years.  When their parents are killed in a car accident, Ursula is shocked to to find that Pin still seems to be talking to Leon.

This is a pretty strange movie, but it actually manages to be sort of touching at times.  How could a movie about a creepy doll be touching?  Well, we see early on that Leon has some issues.  He’s very very protective of his little sister, and has resorted to violence in the past to protect her honor.  We also see early on that Leon has picked up his father’s ventriloquism ability, and Ursula knows it.  Even though she realizes that he’s got some mental problems, she loves him and doesn’t want to see him end up in a hospital somewhere.  But the question is, how long can she allow this to go on before Leon’s violent behavior reemerges?

There are creepy moments involving the doll, and David Hewlett is pretty creepy in his own right.  Cynthia Preston is sympathetic as Ursula, and it’s always cool to see Terry O’Quinn.  My main problem with the movie is that it drags along at too slow of a pace.  There needed to be a little more energy to it.  A little more fun.

It still manages to be pretty interesting, even if it’s not very scary.  It’s also fun to look for the boom mic in at least 2 different scenes.  Though, I guess that can’t be counted as a positive thing.

If you’re looking for something scary, this probably won’t fit the bill, but if you want something slightly creepy and fairly interesting, this might do it.  Especially if you have a fear of weird dolls.

There are better ways to relate to your children than ventriloquism.

10 – 2 for dragging along without a lot of energy – .9 for not being made that well, technically speaking – .6 for not being very scary or unnerving = 6.5