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being pretty in a scary movie...not a good idea.

being pretty in a scary movie...not a good idea.

This movie is in French, with English subtitles.


Olivia Bonamy, Michael Cohen

Lucas: Hello?
Clementine: It’s me.  What do you feel like having tonight?
Lucas: You.
Clementine: That’s all?
Lucas: I wouldn’t say no to some wine.
Clementine: Wine, me…anything else?

Clementine (Bonamy) is a school teacher and Lucas (Cohen) is a writer.  They live in a huge, secluded house in Bucharest, Romania.  One night strange things start happening around the house, and pretty soon they’re under attack from a stealthy enemy.

This is yet another story that claims to be based on true events, but from what I can tell, while there was a real couple in Romania who were murdered by similar villains to the ones in this movie, the similarities end there.  I’m sure the real story wasn’t nearly exciting or harrowing enough, so in come the writers.

I wish the writers had written a little more suspense into the movie, though.  They do start with a little character development, and some quality time with our protagonists, but then we just get tossed into the action with very little build up.  It’s such a short movie (only an hour and 16 minutes) that they could have had another 10-15 minutes of suspense built up without the movie feeling overlong.  Maybe they just receive the weird phone calls and hear odd noises the first night, then things escalate the next night, before finally all heck breaks loose on the third night.  The creepiest stuff in the movie is when they’re hearing weird noises or noticing that their car has been moved.  More of that would have been nice before it just turns into a chase movie.  Of course, once the chase around the huge house starts, they have to injure Lucas enough to be relatively immobile so that Clementine has to do all the heavy lifting.

Bonamy and Cohen both do a good job, and they’re actually pretty believable as a couple.  But what’s not so believable is the end of the movie.  I know it’s based on a story where similar culprits committed a murder, but once the villains are revealed, it made the complexity of their actions in the rest of the movie seem a little far fetched to me.  It also made it less scary for some reason.  Good scary movies are supposed to stick with you long after you watch it.  This one just left me saying, “oh…whatever.”

In a scary movie, if somebody looks through a window and says they don’t see anything…it’s a good bet that something is about to jump up in front of that window.

10 – 1 because the end was a let down – 1.5 for being a standard run-around-the-big-house-screaming movie – 1 for not building enough tension before the action starts – .5 for a few other things that didn’t seem to make sense = 6.0