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Jimmy...look at me...Jimmy...hey, Jimmy.  Jimmy!

Jimmy...look at me...Jimmy...hey, Jimmy. Jimmy!


Mischa Barton, Cameron Bright, Deborah Kara Unger

Peter: Okay, look, I find this place as fascinating as you do, but waking up with a dead dog as a house guest makes me think perhaps it’s time to go.

Samantha (Barton) is an engineer with her family’s demolition company.  She’s been assigned to a remote building designed by an eccentric genius who was killed years ago along with several other occupants.  They were dubbed the “walled-in” murders because the killer sealed his victims in the walls with concrete.  Only a few residents remain, and now they, and maybe something else mysterious, are starting to freak out Samantha.

Wow…this is not a good movie.  It’s poorly written, directed, edited, and acted.  There’s even annoying piano music that keeps getting thrown in every 30 seconds.  After an effectively disturbing opening sequence, it just becomes confusing, and it has a surprisingly underwhelming ending as well.  Though, I must say, the stilted dialogue and poor delivery do provide some unintentional laughs throughout.  I haven’t seen Mischa Barton in much, but has she always sounded like Paris Hilton?  Cameron Bright is even worse as Jimmy.  By the way, that’s a name – Jimmy – that you’ll hear repeated roughly 4,000 times in the movie.  Not since Carol Anne in the Poltergeist movies has a name been yelled so many times.

Jimmy!  Jimmyyyyyyyyyy!

Honestly I’m not sure what else to say about this movie.  They try to throw in a clever twist near the end, but it just leads to more confusion.  Who are the voices speaking to Samantha?  How is she supposed to set them free?  Why are these people such bad actors?

If you need a supposedly scary movie to make fun of, this one might do.  If you’re looking for something legitimately scary or interesting, look elsewhere.



10 – 2.1 for really poor acting – 1.5 for lame, predictable story – 1.5 for bad direction and editing – .5 for terrible voice-overs – .5 for Jimmy! + .1 because it actually kinda ends up being funny = 4.0