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ghost won't get this pillow...not my pillow he won't...not this one...

ghost won’t get this pillow…not my pillow he won’t…not this one…


Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale

Shanks: Is there somebody in this house right now with you, Marnie?
Marnie: Define “somebody”…

Marnie (Janssen) has to serve the remainder of her prison sentence (for killing her abusive husband) under house arrest.  The 100 foot radius she is confined to starts to feel a lot smaller when her dead husband’s ghost starts terrorizing her.

I took another chance on a scary movie.  Strike two.  I was kind of hoping this was a movie about a killer centipede, but it wasn’t.  It was just another killer ghost story where the entity seems to have all the powers of a Jedi.  He’s really strong and can make things fly around the room.  Obi-wan has taught him well.

Apparently Marnie’s husband, Mike (Michael Pare), was a jerk when he was alive, but he’s an even bigger jerk as a ghost.  He’s able to beat her up even more now that he seems to have unlimited power on his side.  Bobby Cannavale plays Shanks, the cop in charge of monitoring Marnie.  He also happened to be Mike’s partner when he was still alive, so he doesn’t have a lot of good feelings for Marnie.  Those two yell at each other, the ghost comes and goes, Marnie flirts with her young grocery delivery guy, things take a sudden bad turn, then the movie ends in supremely confusing fashion.

Janssen and Cannavale are alright, but nothing special, and they aren’t given much of anything interesting to do or say.  This plot could conceivably be made into an interesting movie, but the script and production values bring it down.  Way down.

Abusive jerk in life, abusive jerk in death.

10 – 3.3 for a boring story – 1 for characters behaving stupidly – .8 for some low production values and poor effects = 4.9