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yay!  I'm being rescued from those Twilight movies!

yay! I'm being rescued from those Twilight movies!


Aaron Stanford, Kristen Stewart, Bruce Dern, Jayce Bartok

Georgia: It always smells like smoke in the no-smoking rooms…

In the wake of his mother’s death, Dwight, AKA Beagle (Stanford), must deal with his attraction to a disabled girl, Georgia (Stewart), a secret he learns about his father, and the return of his brother who left home years ago.

I was a little mystified by this movie, and not just because of the ambiguous title.  It seems to build a few story lines to the point that they’ve got some momentum and are ready to be resolved…and then it just ends.  Maybe that’s the point.  Life goes on, and not everything is resolved with a pretty bow on top.  Still, I couldn’t help feeling like it was missing a third act.

The romance between Beagle and Georgia was nicely done, but I wanted to see how they dealt with the consequences of their actions.  It could get pretty messy, and I’m curious as to how they’d handle it.

Meanwhile, the other story lines are somewhat wrapped up, but it’s done in such a hurried fashion that it still seems incomplete.  I found it hard to believe that a smile, hug, and a simple “Okay?” from Easy (Dern) would be enough to ingratiate himself with his son again.

It’s a nice enough movie, with mostly good performances – from Dern and Stewart in particular – and good scenery.  There just wasn’t a lot that really sparked my interest level.  At least not until near the end.  As soon as I started getting interested…the credits rolled.

You don’t wear loafers to an animal slaughter.

10 – 2.3 for not sparking my interest very much – 1.5 for not really resolving much + .1 for a couple good performances = 6.3