did I say unrealistic?  clearly I meant TOTALLY AWESOME!

did I say unrealistic? clearly I meant TOTALLY AWESOME!


Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant

Matt: Did you see that!?
John: Yeah, I saw it, I did it!

Cyber-terrorists have hacked into pretty much everything controlled by computers and plan to bring the country to its knees.  Meanwhile, John McClane is escorting a computer programmer who is wanted by the FBI and just might be able to help stop the terrorists.

What a ridiculous movie.  Seriously, is it possible to go any more over the top?  When you have John McClane surfing on the back of a military jet, you’ve taken him from average-guy-hero straight to superhero status.  He’s pretty much indestructible in this movie, jumping from cars at high speed, getting thrown through windows, falling out of buildings, and avoiding roughly one million rounds of ammunition being fired at him.

The beauty of the first 3 Die Hard movies was their gritty realism.  This has been replaced by a glossy, PG-13 movie which features a lot less blood and way fewer swears.  That’s not to say it isn’t entertaining at times, but the “oh come on” factor is very very high.

Bruce Willis is still good as McClane, in a role that it would be easy for him to just sleep walk through.  I think he still enjoys playing this iconic character, but I think the filmmakers made sure he wasn’t on screen too long without an explosion, just in case.  As Matt Farrell (a role that somehow, thankfully, didn’t go to Shia LaBeouf), Justin Long avoids being overly annoying and actually helps add a few touches of humor here and there.  The villains are all well dressed, mostly young, intelligent people who are trying to teach the country a lesson…and steal some money.  Timothy Olyphant is alright as the head villain, but he overdoes the smugness too much at times and just comes across like a simple imitation of villains we’ve seen many times before.

If you like to see things blow up, you will get your money’s worth with this movie.  If you like any kind of realism in your action movies, look elsewhere.  Though, you’ll be missing out on some humorous, entertaining moments if you do.

Computer hackers can control anything and everything if they want to, and we should all go ahead and bow down before them.

10 – 2.2 because it’s so stupidly unrealistic – 1.1 for removing the edginess with the PG-13 rating – .2 for weak bad guys = 6.5