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This movie is in French, with English Subtitles.


Audrey Tatou, Eric Feldman, Faudel, Eric Savin

Luc: Julie…nice name.
Julie: I had nothing to do with it.

Two characters, Irène and Younès, sort of meet on a train in the beginning of the movie, then we see them, and a myriad of other characters, experience a bunch of random situations and events which could lead to the two meeting, or not meeting, again.

What do you get if you cross Amelie and Signs?  Well…you’d get something weird probably, but that’s still the best combination I could think of to describe this movie.  It’s all about little, seemingly insignificant, incidents having much larger repercussions.  And it has Audrey Tatou in it.

It’s an interesting, if not entirely original, concept, and it’s fun to see the ways all the little things tie together and affect the various characters.  The problem is, beyond that, the stories and characters aren’t that compelling.  I just didn’t care if the two young leads ever met up, and one other character, Luc (Feldman), was kind of creepy with his compulsive lying and attempts to woo various women.

As I said, I liked the general focus of the movie on small things having big consequences.  I also liked how they show that sometimes we base big life decisions on things that are completely out of our control.  Is this foolish?  I guess if we feel like we’ve made bad decisions up to that point, why not take the choice out of our hands?  This is what one character does when he bases the decision of whether or not to tell his wife about an affair on whether or not a stranger at a cafe decides to eat a piece of chocolate or not.  Sort of makes you wonder what little things you’ve done that have led to big decisions by other people.

As usual with movies featuring a large number of characters, it’s hard to develop any real attachment to any of the characters, and they just end up being chess pieces moved around in order to make the movie’s point.  I would have liked to have spent more time following Tatou’s character, and not just because she’s so cute.  Caring about one of the characters would have added the punch to the end of the movie that I think the filmmakers were going for.

Probably shouldn’t base a major decision on whether or not a random stranger sitting on a bench will successfully throw a pebble through a hole in a statue.

10 – 3.1 for the characters and stories that aren’t very compelling – .4 because it’s dull sometimes + .1 because visually it’s nice = 6.6