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kinda ironic that my last name is "Smart", huh?

kinda ironic that my last name is "Smart", huh?


Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Jose Pablo Cantillo

Doc: Any pain in your chest?
Chev: Not really.  I’m feeling pretty good right now.
Doc: What are you doing?
Chev: Driving through a mall…cops are chasing me.

A professional hitman, Chev Chelios (Statham), wakes up to discover that he’s been given a poison that is only slowed down by shots of adrenaline.  In order to keep himself alive long enough to hunt down the people that did this, he must constantly keep on the move and stimulated.

I’m going to assume that the tag line for this movie was “It’s like Speed…on a person!”  That’s pretty much what this movie is, though it’s not quite as interesting, yet much more ridiculous.  It manages to be fairly entertaining, though there’s a high number of “oh come on” moments.  Plus, the editing is so amazingly hyperkinetic, I felt like I needed to watch a Michael Bay movie afterward just to wind down.

Oh, and don’t get me started about the ending.  I notice there’s a sequel to this…I’m not sure I even want to know how they pull that off.

Jason Statham plays his role well, which I guess is why he plays the same role in almost every movie.  He adds nice touches of humor to what is really just a mindless, video game of a movie.  Amy Smart is cute, but just there to add to some of the silly male fantasy scenes.

It’s short, loud, silly, really violent, somewhat funny, and mostly implausible.  If that all sounds appealing to you, by all means, watch away.

It’s really REALLY easy to avoid the California police.

10 – 1.5 for the headache inducing editing – 2 because overall it’s just kind of stupid and implausible – .7 because the very ending is just dumb = 5.8