must be a dream...

must be a dream...


Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, Dermot Mulroney

Chad: Hey, Wolf, I don’t care about my face, man!  What I care about here is the acting!  That’s all I care about!
Wolf: It’s your call, Nick…his acting or his face…
Nick: For some reason I thought we could get BOTH!  I thought that’s what we were tryin’ to DO here!

Nick (Buscemi) is the director of a low budget film that encounters all kinds of problems with actors, sets, and props.

This is a low budget movie about the hardships of directing a low budget movie.  Annoyingly, though, two entire segments of it turn out to be long dream sequences, so it gets a little confusing figuring out what’s actually happened and what hasn’t.

Buscemi is good as Nick, the director, and Mulroney is funny as Wolf, the camera man.  Keener is great as always as Nick’s actress friend who he’s giving a shot at a lead role, but I didn’t care for James Legros in an over the top performance as the cocky, big star that Nick has landed for his little movie.  As usual, Peter Dinklage steals the few scenes he’s in, as seen here:

I liked the idea of this movie more than I liked the execution of it.  The jokes and concepts are repetitive, beyond the repetitiveness of the scenes they must shoot over and over again.  And as I mentioned before, watching 30 minutes of movie and then finding out it was all a dream is pretty frustrating.

There are certainly funny moments – particularly Buscemi’s blowups – and some interesting peeks behind the scenes of making a movie, but it never really meshes together into a solid, smoothly flowing movie.

I don’t think the oil and gasoline should be poured in the same hole of a smoke machine.

10 – 1 for LeGros’ annoying character – 1.5 for being too repetitive – 1.1 for those dream sequences = 6.4