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dude, you forgot your hat...

dude, you forgot your hat...



Anessa Ramsey, AJ Bowen, Scott Poythress, Justin Welborn

Clark: It was self defense.
Anna: You chopped his head off…
Lewis: He had it coming…probably.  These are wild times.  Everybody’s being driven to desperate measures.

A strange signal starts playing over all of the TVs and radios in a town, causing those exposed to it to become angry and violent.  It also seems to make them particularly hard to kill.  Mya (Ramsey) and Ben (Welborn) are lovers trying to find each other amidst the chaos, but Mya’s husband Lewis (Bowen) stands in the way.

Wow, this movie was all over the place.  I can’t say that I wasn’t entertained, but I found myself constantly shaking my head at how uneven the tone of this movie was.  There are three directors listed in the credits, and that makes sense because it really is like three separate movies mashed together, as far as the tone is concerned.  First it’s a straight up horror movie, with a slight Tarantino throwback feel to it, using opening credits that seem like they were taken right out of a 70s horror flick.  Then there’s the middle section of the movie that is more like a Shaun of the Dead, goofy, parody comedy.  Lastly it’s back to a horror, psychological drama type theme in the final third of the movie.

It actually manages to be quite funny at times, but the violence that’s intermingled with the comedy is not always silly enough to work as dark comedy.  A guy lopping another character’s head off with a shovel works as silly violence.  Seeing a woman blinded with pesticide and then having more of it sprayed down her throat til she’s dead is not lighthearted enough.  It’s kind of disturbing actually.

There are confusing moments here and there, as the audience is subjected to some of the same hallucinations that the characters experience.  It can be a little hard to sort out what has actually happened and what’s just something a crazy person thought happened.  I guess that’s supposed to add to the feel of the film, but I found it annoying at times.

Still, I was entertained, even if I found myself saying “what the heck?” more than a few times.  The acting was mostly good, and the creepy atmosphere is effective, at least in the beginning.  The violence can be off-putting, but once you get used to it, you barely notice it.  Okay, that’s not true, there are some disgusting scenes, so just be ready to turn away at those moments and you’ll be fine.

TV and radio are conduits of evil!

10 – 1.1 for some confusing moments – 1 for the uneven tone not always working well – .2 for off-putting violence – .6 for a weak ending = 7.1