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ok, drugging me...not cool!  and I'm not crazy about the tank tops either!

ok, drugging me...not cool! and I'm not crazy about the tank tops either!


Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Cy Carter

Olive: I love you.
Dax: I love you too.
Olive: I’m sorry I gave marijuana to my cat…

Dax (Carter) and Olive (Ellis) are a married couple who long ago decided they didn’t want to have children.  Now Olive is having second thoughts, and she secretly takes steps to make that happen.  When Dax discovers her plan, he takes countermeasures to thwart it.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between heavy drama and dark comedy, and this movie tightropes that line, seemingly never sure which way it wants to lean.  I hope they were going more for a dark comedic tone, otherwise it would all just be depressing.  Though, the only plot line with any comedic element to it is the main one featuring the two leads.  We see Olive intentionally sabotaging birth control, and then Dax reciprocating by secretly crushing up birth control pills and putting them in Olive’s coffee.

The other plot lines, featuring Dax’s alcoholic brother and Olive’s Alzheimer’s suffering father, have nothing much funny about them.  They’re just sad.  In fact, the problems, sadness, and the anger that is built up by all of these story lines was too much for me to get much enjoyment out of.

The acting is adequate, but nothing particularly special, and the ending felt contrived beyond belief.  Actually, I’m not sure if the end is meant to be a happy ending or just another log to throw on the depressing fire.  Either way, I can’t help but think there’s still troubled times ahead for these characters.

There are some good moments in the movie, and a basis for a better movie, but overall it just didn’t work well for me as drama or as comedy.  If they had just leaned more in the comedic direction, I think it would have been more successful.

Ya probably wanna get that kids or no kids question worked out early in a marriage.

10 – 1.8 for having problems picking a general tone – 1.1 for being overly dramatic and depressing – 1.2 for the contrived end = 5.9