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you truly are a...pretty woman."  oh please...

"you truly are a...pretty woman." "oh please..."


Clive Owen, Julia Roberts

Ray: I think about you all the time.  I think about you even when you’re with me.  I look at you…I can’t stop looking at you.  I look at you, and I think, ‘That woman… That woman knows who I am and loves me anyway.’

Ray (Owen) and Claire (Roberts) are ex-secret agents who enter into the world of corporate espionage with plans to work a huge con, get a lot of money, and run off together.  It’s more complicated than they expected.

Predictable.  You don’t have to have seen many spy thrillers to know that’s the word best used to describe this movie.  They try to throw you off the trail, but it was easy to tell that’s what they were doing.  If you’re watching this, and about half way through you have a hunch as to how it’s going to turn out, chances are you’re right.  If I could see through it, then I lose respect for the other, supposedly highly intelligent and skilled, characters in the movie that were fooled.  This presents a problem.

Owen and Roberts are both fine in their roles, the former showing more proof that he could be starring in the new James Bond movies (not that I dislike Daniel Craig).  I just didn’t think they were given that much interesting dialogue.  There’s a couple of scenes where their repartee works well, but at other times it falls flat.  Paul Giamatti provides the most interesting performance as the sleazy head of a corporation trying to steal secrets from a competitor.

I thought this was a pretty standard spy movie, made with the feel of Ocean’s 11, but without as much charm or wit.  There’s some good stuff in the movie, but those moments are drowned out by repetitive scenes, dull dialogue, and injections of stylistic film-making that add nothing to the story.

There’s a lot of money in frozen pizzas.

10 – 2 for dull/repetitive dialogue – 1.1 for predictability – .8 for the unnecessary stylistic stuff = 6.1