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sing something...c'mon...

sing something...c'mon...


Norah Jones, Jude Law, Natalie Portman

Elizabeth: So what’s wrong with the Blueberry Pie?
Jeremy: There’s nothing wrong with the Blueberry Pie, just people make other choices.  You can’t blame the Blueberry Pie, it’s just… no one wants it.
Elizabeth: Wait!  I want a piece.

Elizabeth (Jones) has just broken up with her boyfriend and forms a bond with a cafe owner, Jeremy (Law).  They become friends, but Elizabeth still can’t handle being in the same town as her ex, so she leaves New York and takes a long cross country journey, meeting various other characters at the jobs she has.

‘Slow’ would be the main word I’d use to describe this one.  There’s a lot of drawn out dialogue scenes that don’t really amount to much, and the director uses an annoying slow motion technique that I found to be a real distraction.  It’s a lovely movie to look at when things are filmed normally, but whenever that slow motion stuff comes into play, I sort of wanted to look away because it bugged me so much.

Norah Jones isn’t great or terrible in her acting debut, but her character isn’t really given much to do other than react to the characters around her.  The stuff in Memphis is the least interesting part of the movie to me.  It’s depressing and ugly, and it goes on much too long.  Natalie Portman finally shows up in the last third of the movie and injects it with some energy (Jones even seems to liven up her previously one-note performance a bit in this section), but it’s still not enough to save it.

I suppose the overriding theme here is about being able to let go of people and feelings from the past and what can happen if you can’t do that.  There’s just not enough interesting material to stretch out over a whole movie.  We get the idea pretty quick, and the rest is just reiteration of the same idea.

I think Norah Jones could possibly have a future in acting despite a mostly lackluster performance here.  She’s certainly pleasant to look at, and there are signs that with a better character, we’d see a better performance.

Lots of people leave their keys behind at cafes and never come back to get them…for some reason.

10 – 3 for being slooooow – .7 for the use of that annoying slow motion technique + .2 for being otherwise nice to look at – .5 for some bad, unnecessary narration = 6.0