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we're here to annoy...YOU!

we're here to annoy...YOU!


Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly

Dale: You have the voice of an angel.  Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

Two men, Dale (Reilly) and Brennan (Ferrell), are still living at home with their single parents, despite being 40 years old.  When their respective parents meet and get married, the two men become step brothers and have to get used to living together.

For the first third, or maybe even half, of this movie, I did not have high hopes.  I didn’t laugh much, the performances were way over the top, and everything that happened was completely predictable.  For instance, the two men have become friends and now want their beds to be bunk beds, so they nail them together themselves using whatever random things they can find around the house.  Ferrel jumps on the bottom one, and we all wait for Reilly to jump on the top one and have it come crashing down on Ferrel.  He does, it does.  Hilarious…

Fortunately, about half way through, it improved.  It was still predictable and over the top, but at least the jokes became funnier.  I still didn’t think it was great, but at least it was tolerable.  I just don’t understand why the two brothers have to be so totally unbelievable as characters.  I’d rather have seen them as somewhat immature, adult slackers rather than acting like totally immature 10 year olds.

By the way, somebody needs to tell movie-makers that the whole adults-beating-up-kids thing has gotten old and wasn’t really funny in the first place.  Maybe I’m just no fun, but there’s something decidedly unpleasant about watching a 40 year old man punch a 13 year old girl in the face, even if it is obviously fake.

Being a mature, responsible adult is absolutely no fun whatsoever and should be avoided at all costs.

10 – 3.5 for an unfunny first half – 1 for annoying characters that made no sense = 5.5