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do you think this movie can fit in the coffin too?

do you think this movie can fit in the coffin too?


Matthew MacFadyen, Keeley Hawes, Andy Nyman


There are all sorts of crazy goings-on at a funeral in England.

This movie tries to be some sort of screwball comedy, featuring an assortment of supposedly amusing characters, but all it managed to do is grate on my nerves and make me feel sorry for MI-5 (aka Spooks – it’s a tv show) alums, MacFadyen and Hawes.  They’re supposed to be the more serious center to the movie, allowing all the crazy characters to be funny around them.  The problem is, nobody and nothing is funny, save for Alan Tudyk who scores a couple of laughs as a funeral-goer who has accidentally taken a hallucinogenic drug.

The attempts at comedy are unoriginal and fairly tasteless.  There’s nothing new about a person being drunk or drugged and acting all crazy in a serious setting, there’s nothing new about finding out somebody had a secret gay lover, and Andy Nyman’s performance looks like a bad ripoff of a Ricky Gervais character.

Boring, unfunny, and annoying is not a good recipe for a film.  So yeah, I didn’t much care for this one.

10 – 7 because it’s not very funny or interesting = 3.0