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drawings may not be to scale...

drawings may not be to scale...


Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning

Henry Carver: Is there anything else she might’ve put in your head?  I’m only asking because I don’t want to be shot in the face for screwing some made-up sister you don’t really have.
Agent Mack: I don’t have a sister?

Good question.  Let’s see…apparently there are some people who are born with various psychic abilities.  For example, some can put thoughts in other people’s heads, some can see the future, while others can move things with their minds.  The government, or the so called “Division”, is after a girl who escaped after being the first survivor of an injection meant to boost her powers.  She escaped to Hong Kong and took with her a syringe of the special drug.  Only Nick (Evans) and Cassie (Fanning) can help her.

This is a mess of a movie.  First, I’ll list a few positives.  It looks good and has some pretty good special effects.  It’s very colorful and Hong Kong is an interesting location for it to all go down.  Also, Dakota Fanning is clearly a very good actress.  She can do dramatic and subtle equally well, and she manages to be just about the only interesting performance in the movie.  Djimon Hounsou, as the villain, manages to be somewhat interesting, but he’s really not on screen much.  Camilla Belle barely even says a word in the movie, even though she’s the central driving force to the plot.  That had to be a pretty boring role for her to play.

This thing is yet another film that’s like a big mix of other movies.  It seems to borrow from X-Men (and other comic book movies), Firestarter, the Bourne movies (with the crazy camera work), and even Total Recall.  The mix, however, doesn’t work very well.  At times the movie tries to over explain things with a lot of exposition, but then the next minute things will be happening that have no explanation whatsoever.  It makes for a very confusing movie watching experience.

It’s almost like they did what Nick does in the movie, and tried to make things up as they went.  If they needed a character in a scene, they’d just suddenly show up out of nowhere.  Though sometimes characters showed up and situations arose for seemingly no real reason at all.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when and why the characters’ powers do or don’t work.  Why did Carver’s power not work on Nick at the end?  How did Cassie suddenly one-up the lolli-pop girl?

I like what they were trying to do here, but they needed a more focused examination of the script to make sure everything flowed well and made sense.

10 – 3 for just not making a lot of sense – 1 for mostly dull characters – 1 for annoying hyper-editing + .3 for Fanning’s performance = 5.3