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we're not taking a BOAT to Paris, right?

we're not taking a BOAT to Paris, right?


Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

April: If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t care if we’re completely insane.

April (Winslet) and Frank (DiCaprio) are the average suburban couple, with a nice home, two kids, solid job, and a few friends.  The problem is, this isn’t the life either of them wanted at all.  They want to travel, do great things, and really matter in the world.  They decide to break free of this life and start making plans to move to Paris.  Unfortunately, some major events get in the way of these plans, plummeting them, particularly April, back into the despair and anger of their dull lives.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately with actresses I like in roles that annoy me.  Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts, and now Kate Winslet.  This movie is depressing!  Not that all movies need to be upbeat and happy, but at least give me a reason to care about the people who are going through the depressing situations.

The problem with this movie is that we never see the people that April and Frank were before they became depressed, angry, and spiteful towards each other, so we don’t know what they’re fighting to regain.  They talk about how they’re dreamers and that other people are envious of their relationship, but we only get the briefest of glimpses of that.  For the most part we just see them fighting and being sad.

There is the middle portion of the film where they have some hope after deciding to move to Paris, and the characters show some good feelings toward each other, but I still never felt any real connection between them or to them as characters.  That portion of the movie is a bit short lived as well, and soon we’re plunged back into despair.

The performances are all fine, I suppose, but I wish the characters were a little different.  It’s hard to care about whether or not they’ll find the meaning in life they’re seeking when I’m constantly thinking to myself, “sheesh, just shut up already!”

10 – 3 for it being relentlessly/manipulatively depressing – 1.5 for characters I didn’t care about + .4 for looking good and having good performances = 5.9