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paper or plastic?!!

paper or plastic?!!


Ross Partridge, Greta Gerwig, Steve Zissis, Elise Muller

Catherine: It’s because you’re more loud than anything, Matt, not because of the bag over your head!  If you come screaming and put yourself in a window, we’re gonna scream!!

Four friends, with various crushes on each other, take an impromptu trip to a cabin in the woods in order to write a script for a movie they can all star in.  After Michelle (Gerwig) has what she assumes is a dream about a guy with a bag over his head, Matt (Partridge) decides that’s what the movie should be about.  At first they start scaring each other, but soon they start to wonder if Michelle’s dream really was a dream after all and if maybe there’s more to be scared about than just each other.

This is an odd little low low low budget movie.  I enjoyed it well enough, but it’s nothing special to get excited about.  It borrows from Blair Witch Project with its look and feel, though this isn’t meant to be a documentary where the characters are aware of the camera.

The characters are reasonably likable, though not hugely sympathetic.  The performances are also just ok, but not great.  Though, I wasn’t sure if they were acting all the time or if the people really are the way they seem to be in the movie.  Especially Michelle with her odd, ditsy way of talking.  If that was all acting, then bravo my friend, bravo.

There are a few oddities, and what seem to be inconsistencies, as the story plays out, but I won’t go into those so as not to spoil the movie.  It’s pretty well done, though.  It leaves you wondering what’s going on and who’s up to what at various times.  I just don’t think the payoff in the end is going to please most viewers.

Overall, it has some funny and clever moments, a couple of slightly scary moments, and it’s short and easy to watch.  Not great, but not bad.  How’s that for high praise?

10 – 2 for some of the character interactions being a little tedious – 1 for somewhat lackluster performances – .7 for a kinda dumb ending = 6.3