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well, I guess that's the one thing we've got...

well, I guess that's the one thing we've got...


Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard

Holly: It’s useful being top banana in the shock department.

Holly (Hepburn) and Paul (Peppard) are two people living rather sordid lives.  They meet and become instant friends, then gradually more than friends.  While Paul can freely admit his strong feelings, and sees Holly as a way out of his less than ideal life, Holly seems tied to her lifestyle of being in unfulfilling relationships.  Various relationships from her past and present continuously come between her and Paul – and her own happiness.

There may be deep themes in this movie about relationships and how people deal with their partner’s baggage, but it was too difficult for me to see past the annoying characters and situations to see any of that.

It takes a lot for me to dislike Audrey Hepburn, but this movie managed to do it.  I think they could have done more to make her sympathetic.  Instead, her selfishness and meanness are on display too much.

But really, everybody just seems kind of sleazy.  From Paul’s life as basically a gigolo being paid for an affair with an older married woman, to Holly’s various relationships – including her marriage to a much much older man when she was only 14 – and the rest of the annoying party-goers, the whole movie just has a sorta gross feel to it.  And I haven’t even mentioned the horribly offensive Asian character played by Mickey Rooney.  Seriously, what were they thinking?

I did like a few moments in the film.  There’s some good lines, good camera work, and their day out together doing things they’ve never done before had a nice feel to it.  I wish more of the movie was like that.  Instead we get a lot of hateful moments of characters being rude to each other.

10 – 3 for not liking the characters much at all – 1 for comedic moments that weren’t funny – 1 for Mickey Rooney’s caricature + .3 for some interesting camera shots (especially of NY) = 5.3