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so, is uuuhhh...is Rory around...?

so, is uuuhhh...is Rory around...?


Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham, Lou Taylor Pucci

Kris: So you’re Arlen Faber?
Arlen: You had no idea I’d be this handsome, did you?

Arlen Faber (Daniels) is an author who wrote a best-selling spiritual book called “Me and God”, where he claimed to have spoken directly to God and received answers to life’s biggest questions.  Twenty years later, Faber has not been heard from again by the public, as he angrily deals with the fact that he has actually never felt any connection with God.  One day his back goes out on him and he must crawl to a nearby chiropractic business run by Elizabeth (Graham).  Arlen takes a liking to her and gradually emerges from hiding as he starts to re-enter society.

This is sort of an odd movie in that after watching it, I really don’t know where it stands on its main theme, which is really a question.  Where do the real answers to life’s big questions come from?  A higher power or from within ourselves?  Arlen’s (and thus the movie’s) final opinion seems to be that they either come from within ourselves, or from a higher power via ourselves, but whichever it is, it’s just sort of blown off so he can go chase the girl he likes.  Not that I blame him, I mean, it is Lauren Graham after all.

There are some funny moments along the way, mostly when Arlen’s temper flares up, but only a few solid laughs.  Mostly it’s just a pleasant experience with at least plenty of smiles and nice feelings throughout.  The performances are good, though I didn’t really feel like there was a tremendous amount of chemistry between Daniels and Graham.  It wasn’t a terrible match, just lukewarm.

This isn’t a totally formulaic romantic comedy, in that not everybody seems overly happy in the end, not everybody ends up with a significant other by the end, and we’re not even sure where the relationship with the two leads is going to go.  I suppose, though, that’s kind of the point of the whole movie.  Finding answers and certainties in this world is difficult…but definitely worth the experience of looking.

10 – .7 for lack of chemistry between the leads – 1.3 because it could’ve been funnier – 1 for being wishy-washy = 7.0