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question...am I being cute enough?

question...am I being cute enough?


Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline

Kate: Happy, smile.  Sad, frown.  Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion!

Kate (Ryan) is afraid to fly, so when her fiancé, Charlie (Timothy Hutton), has to go to Paris for a while, she isn’t able to accompany him.  While there, he meets another woman and calls Kate to tell her their relationship is over.  Kate is determined to get him back, enough so that she gets on a plane to France immediately.  On the plane, she meets Luc (Kline), a French thief who uses her to sneak a stolen necklace into the country.  Of course, their fates are tied together as Kate tries to get Charlie back and Luc tries to get his necklace back.

This is a fairly run of the mill Meg Ryan romantic comedy, with her usual likable performance, and with a pretty good amount of laughs.  And I liked how Meg was a little nuttier than usual.  She wasn’t just being cutesy, she was being somewhat bizarre at times.

I like Kevin Kline, but I thought it was distracting to listen to him using his exaggerated French accent.  I never believed it for a moment, and that took away from the movie a little bit.  Were there no real French actors who could have played that part?

The story has a few typical romantic comedy annoyances, like the fact that Meg Ryan inexplicably wants this guy back after he’s dumped her for some random woman in France.  Maybe they could have just had him discover how much he loves the freedom of traveling and that getting married to her might erase that freedom.  Then I might actually believe her desire to go win him back.

I’m glad the stolen necklace plotline didn’t turn into a full blown caper at any time.  It was resolved smoothly, and the character relationships were allowed to take center stage.  I just wish I’d cared about – and believed – the characters a little more.

10 – 1 for Kline’s fake accent – 2.3 for not believing the characters’ motivations – .3 for total predictability + .1 for Meg = 6.5