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I'm not entirely loving you right now, man...

I'm not entirely loving you right now, man...


Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones

Peter: I will see you there, or I will see you another time…
Sydney: What does that mean?  Now I don’t know if you’re coming.
Peter: I’ll be there!

Peter (Rudd) is a newly engaged guy who realizes that he has no close male friends in his life.  He tries to meet new possible friends in various ways, but is unsuccessful.  When he finally befriends Sydney (Segel), he gets a more interesting friend than he bargained for.

Funny movie.  Not an all time great, but very solid throughout.  There’s a few lulls in the second half, but that’s pretty common in comedies.  The plot’s a little thin, but as long as a movie’s funny, that doesn’t really matter much.

Paul Rudd is playing a slightly different character than he usually does.  Here he’s more of an awkward nice guy rather than his usual smart aleck sort of character.  He’s more the straight man to Segel’s odd character.  It works, though, as they play off each other quite well.

Rashida Jones is good too.  I think she and Elizabeth Banks need to star in one of these kinds of movies instead of just playing the significant others of the main characters.

10 – 1.7 for a few dull spots in the second half – .5 for running a few jokes into the ground (see: “slappa da bass”) = 7.8