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you're really alienating me, ya know??

you're really alienating me, ya know??


Simon Pegg, Kirsten Dunst

Alison: This is New York, Sidney, women only date men who are successful…
Sidney: I’m going to be successful.
Alison: …and tall.

A British magazine writer gets a job at a New York magazine, but his style does not mesh well with the more professional employees there.  Will he stick to his principles, or will he toss them aside in order to achieve the kind of success he’s dreamed of?

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this movie.  I don’t recall having too many laugh out loud moments during it, but I do seem to remember smiling a lot and being generally amused, so that seems like a good thing.  Pegg and Dunst worked pretty well together, though their friendship was probably more believable than their inevitable romance.  Though, it was definitely more believable than the romance between Dunst and another character in the movie.

I like that there’s a more realistic tone to the magazine setting than you’d often see in a comedy.  There’s not just a bunch of slapstick-performing caricatures roaming the halls.  A more serious backdrop makes the comedic moments stand out more, in my opinion, so I’m always happy when a movie goes in that direction.  Though, the climactic awards scene basically falls back on that sort of silly chaos.

It’s hard to really recommend this movie or to say stay away.  I’m guessing if you watch it, you won’t hate it and regret those two hours of your life, but it’s nothing you’ll be sorry you never saw when you’re laying on your death bed many years from now.

10 – 2.3 because a comedy should probably be funnier than this – .4 for that silly ending – .4 for the silly beginning – .2 for a rushed romance = 6.7