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Midnight Run

hey, is that Brando!?


Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin

Serrano: Is this moron number one?  Put moron number two on the phone.

Jack Walsh (De Niro) is a bounty hunter who tracks down  “The Duke” (Grodin), who stole millions of dollars from the mafia.  Now he just has to get him back from New York to Los Angeles without the FBI, mafia, or another bounty hunter stealing him first.

This is an often funny movie that proves that De Niro had a comedic edge long before Meet the Parents came around.  Though, Grodin is funnier to me because of that odd way he can deliver a goofy line in a serious manner with only a slight hint of a smirk on his face.  At times you get the sense that he’s intentionally trying to crack up De Niro during the take.

The story is nothing special, but the actors do a good job with it and make it at least somewhat believable.  Though, like most movies of this type, the hero’s success depends largely on the idiocy of his adversaries.  The FBI and mafia aren’t as clueless as they sometimes are in comedies, but they’re still consistently being hoodwinked by Walsh.

That’s really the only things needing review in a movie like this.  Is it funny?  Not hilarious, but funny enough.  Are the characters interesting and the performances good?  Yes, particularly from De Niro and Grodin.  So, it’s funny and interesting, and overall, worth a watch.

10 – 1 for some dimwitted characters – 1 for annoying music (seemed like a Lethal Weapon ripoff) – 1 for some very hard to believe scenes/situations = 7.0