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Tim Matheson, John Belushi

Hoover: They confiscated everything, even the stuff we didn’t steal!

The mean ol’ dean wants to shut down the only fun, party frat on campus.

I had never seen this American comedy “classic”, and now that I have, I’m wondering why this particular movie somehow gained such a high regard with people.  I have a few theories on why I didn’t enjoy it very much.

1)  I’m not into the partying, drinking, crazy college frat experience, so I can’t identify with the humor.
2)  The funnier jokes – and the overall premise – from this movie have been copied over and over so many times that none of it seemed new or interesting.
3)  It’s just not that funny.

Theory number 1 could explain a lot.  I find that whole lifestyle, as portrayed on film, boring and unfunny.  Maybe some people find it funny when somebody crushes a beer can on their forehead, but not me.  Theory number 2 seems like a likely cause of my disdain as well, but on the other hand, I’ve seen every Seinfeld episode many many times, and I still laugh at the jokes I can quote in my sleep.  Then there’s theory number 3.  I like that theory.  I’m going with that one. I think it says a lot that I laughed more during The Taking of Pelham 123 than I did during this movie.

It seemed to me like there were stretches where there weren’t even attempts at humor.  It was boring, disjointed, and pointless.  Also, it’s just mean-spirited.  It’s condescending towards women and really anybody who is not a white male.

Well, I think I’ve said enough.  I’ll give them points for creating some jokes that have filtered into society and lasted 30 years, but aside from that, I don’t really see how this movie has achieved its “classic” label.

10 – 5 for just not being funny – 1 for it’s disdain for women and non-white people + .4 for good music = 4.4