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yep, I'm trouble...

yep, I'm trouble...


William H. Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rebecca Pidgeon

Joseph: Do you like kids?
Ann: …I never saw the point of ’em.
Joseph: Me too…

A movie production company descends on a small town in Vermont after being thrown out of a small town in New Hampshire.  Hilarity ensues…

Eh, so I lied, it’s not that hilarious.  It’s amusing at times, but not hilarious.

It would seem that the writer, or writers, thought it’s automatically funny to have multiple people having various, fast paced, angry conversations all overlapping each other.  I guess that’s supposed to be in contrast to the slow, small town life going on around them, but…big deal.

The only compelling aspect of the movie is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character, plot-line, and performance.  He and Rebecca Pidgeon do a good job of easing their relationship along at a believable pace.  They’re also the source of most of the actual clever dialogue in the movie.

This movie could have fallen into hateful territory pretty easily for me, but it didn’t, so even if it wasn’t overly amusing or interesting, it wasn’t a chore to watch.  It’s just forgettable.

10 – 4 for not being as funny as it thinks it is – 1 for being very predictable + .3 for the PSH storyline/performance = 5.3