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Yeah, probably shoulda just flown straight up...

Yeah, probably shoulda just flown straight up...


Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron

Hancock: All you people…blockin’ the intersection…..you’re all idiots.

Hancock (Smith) is a lonely superhero.  He has the powers of superman, but without the attitude or good nature to match.  One day he saves Ray’s (Bateman) life, and in return, Ray offers his services as a public relations expert.

The first half or so of this movie is actually very very good.  It’s interesting, funny, and moves at a good pace.  The second half, while not terrible by any means, isn’t quite as good, though it doesn’t ruin the movie at all.  I just thought it was a strange direction for the movie to go, which isn’t a bad thing in itself.  It’s just that it all felt rushed, almost like the second half was a separate movie.

Will Smith does a good job of not just making Hancock another of his summer blockbuster hero characters.  He’s angry, annoyed, and sad, and you get a sense of all of those emotions throughout the movie.  Jason Bateman is basically just playing his Michael Bluth character from Arrested Development, but that’s okay too, because he’s good at it.  Theron’s character might be a bit on the under-developed side, but she still fits into the movie pretty well.  I could have used a few more quirky personality traits to make her seem like more of a character and less of a plot device.

I was a bit disappointed in some of the special effects, surprisingly.  At times the flying (usually when he lands) is very obviously wire assisted, and some of the other CGI just isn’t up to par with other modern movies.

On the whole, I like how this movie was made.  It’s a bit edgier and daring than the usual big Will Smith movies.  I just wish they had saved the second half of the movie for a sequel where it could be fleshed out a bit more and not be so rushed and confusing.

10 – 2 for weaker second half – .7 for subpar special effects + .3 for some scenes of genuine emotion = 7.6