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My gun.  Let me show you it.

My gun. Let me show you it.


John Travolta, Rene Russo, Gene Hackman

Chilli: Rough business, this movie business.  I’m gonna have to go back to loan-sharking just to take a rest.

Chilli Palmer (Travolta) is a loan-shark from Miami who is visiting California to take care of some business.  While there, he gets involved with the movie making business and uses some of his unique skills to help try to get a movie made.  There are a couple of other subplots orbiting around the main plot as well.

Seeing as how this came out a year after Pulp Fiction, it would seem obvious that not only did this movie copy some of the style and tone of PF, but they also gave Travolta a similar character to play.  Though, he’s even tougher and more intimidating in this movie, which frankly is tough for me to buy from Travolta.

The movie does have quite a few amusing moments, though, and most of the actors do a good job with bringing a lot of life to their characters.  Plus, it moves at a good, swift pace so it’s rarely dull.

That being said, it’s not especially exciting or involving either, just watchable.  The subplots I mentioned are all kind of intermingled, but a bit jumbled as well.  I’m sure it all makes sense, but I suppose I wasn’t interested enough to keep track of what all was going on, who was out to get who, and why.

10 – 2 for not buying Travolta as the ultimate tough guy – 2 for not being particularly involving + .4 for good performances, especially Russo = 6.4