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Can I get more lens flare?

Can I get more lens flare?


Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto

Bones: Green-blooded hobgoblin!

An angry Romulan travels back in time and has a chance to exact revenge on Spock, who he feels is responsible for the destruction of his planet, Romulus.  But, he’s going to have to go through a young captain James T. Kirk first…

I’ll start by saying this is an entertaining movie, with exciting, funny, and even touching moments.  That being said, it had its flaws as well.

When you’re telling the stories of so many characters, often the villain’s story is going to be a little thin, and that’s the case here.  Basically we get one little speech and one poorly done scene of narrated exposition that tells us why Nero – the villain – is motivated to carry out his destructive plans.  Otherwise, he’s just there to fire phasers and photons at Federation ships.

My other issue is one that I tend to have with a lot of big blockbuster crowd-pleasers.  That’s the way they give little winks to the audience with silly comedic, self-referential moments.  For example, Bones delivering a bunch of lines that Deforest Kelly made popular in his days as that character, or Kirk being in bed with a woman with green skin.  Moments like that just take me out of the reality of the movie.  I’m sure some people have no problem with that, but it’s always an issue for me.

Aside from the crazy lens flare stuff going on and the time travel plot line, my only other complaint would be that Kirk’s actions in the movie didn’t really seem to warrant all the accolades he got at the end.  He was right about one major thing, but still…I wish they would have written him as more of a strategic genius.  That’s how I’ve always pictured Kirk, but here he seems like more of a hand to hand fighter rather than a brilliant commander.

On the positive side, the movie looked good for the most part.  I do wish movies would step away from the undecipherable action sequences and let us have a better look at what’s going on.

All in all, it’s a movie I’d recommend seeing, but, like I said about Kirk, I’m not sure I understand all the accolades.

10 – 1 for boring villain – .3 for the lens flare stuff – 1 for winks and nods to the audience + .2 for good pacing – .5 for thinking Kirk’s character could have been done better = 7.4