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The Fall



Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru

Blue Bandit:  What a mystery this world.  One day you love them, and the next day you want to kill them a thousand times over.

Alexandria (Untaru) is a little girl who is recovering from a broken arm in a hospital, some time around 1915 or so.  She’s quiet – she doesn’t speak English well – but likes to wander around the hospital and is known by most people there.  One day she meets Roy (Pace), a stuntman who is suicidal, not only because he recently lost the love of his life, but also because he was injured in a stunt and may never walk again.  Roy and Alexandria seem to bond as Roy tells her a story about bandits seeking revenge on the evil governor Odious.  We see this story unfold through the eyes of Alexandria.  But, Roy has alterior motives for telling this story and befriending Alexandria…

I’ve seen this movie a few times now, and I find it moving every time I watch it.  It might be a little over-indulgent in its big, sweeping imagery, but I was ok with that.  The story is the real key.  And not the story of the Blue Bandit and his friends seeking revenge, but the story of a man, Roy, who is rapidly losing all hope, and a little girl who might show him there’s a reason to live after all.

I love how the story Roy is telling gets darker and more violent as his mood shifts to being more depressed or angry.  I love Lee Pace’s performance.  I love little Catinca’s performance, and I love how the two of them interact with each other.  Apparently Lee Pace had to do a lot of improvising around Catinca’s performance because she wasn’t always given set lines to speak, just a general idea of the scene.  It all adds up to a very believable series of interactions.

My only other minor complaint is that the end wraps up a little too quickly and easily, but again, that’s a minor complaint.  Overall I think it’s a fantastic movie about whether hope can win out over the despair of your current miserable situation.

Plus, it looks great on Blu-ray!

10 – 1 for getting a little lost in its own cinematography at times – .6 for hasty finale + .5 for the performances of the 2 leads = 8.9