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Another toast?  Please not another toast...

Another toast? Please not another toast...


Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt

Carol: I have a Diet Coke for you.
Kym: I prefer Pepsi…from the fountain.

Kym (Hathaway) gets to come home from rehab for the weekend in order to attend her sister’s wedding.  As they prepare for the celebration, family turmoil comes bubbling to the surface.

Anne Hathaway got a lot of praise for her performance in this movie, and I can see why.  She really does manage to become Kym and not just Anne Hathaway playing a part.  I was impressed with the way she could go from being downright hateful with her family to suddenly being really vulnerable and meek in her twelve-step meetings.

The underlying story here is quite moving and watchable.  I liked the slow reveal of the family tragedy that was the source of all the strife on display.  My problem with the movie comes with all the other stuff.  The 20-30 minutes of toasts and music bogs the movie down to a snails pace.  I wanted to see if, and how, the family would work things out, but my patience wore very thin as I watched what seemed like family movies of a wedding filled with people I’ve never met before.

If you can stand all of that, or just fast forward through it, then this movie will prove to be pretty enjoyable.  Though, it can be tough to watch at times with all the awkward and uncomfortable scenes.  But that’s family I suppose…

10 – 3.4 for all those toasts and music scenes + .5 for extra good performances = 7.1