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princess? yeah, right.

I’d say PG

Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly

Jeff: She sure is the “eat, drink and be merry” girl.
Stella: Yeah, she’ll wind up fat, alcoholic and miserable.

While recovering from a broken leg, Jeff (Stewart) has nothing to do but sit and observe his neighbors through the rear window in his apartment.  When he witnesses odd behaviour from one neighbor, he starts to suspect that he is guilty of murdering his wife.  Jeff convinces those around him, mainly girlfriend Lisa (Kelly), to join in on the observations.

This is one of my favorite movies.  I’ve seen it many times and I enjoy it every time.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best scripts in movie history.  I actually enjoy the conversations about relationships and privacy even more than the murder mystery plot.  I also like how Hitchcock left in a few stutters and stammers here and there where the actors tripped over their lines a little.  It adds an extra element of realism to the movie.

Going back to the mystery aspect of it though, that’s a lot of fun too.  I like all the theorizing and possible explanations for the suspected killer’s actions.  It’s fun to see Lisa and Jeff’s nurse, Stella, get wrapped up into trying to solve the mystery.

At the heart of the movie, though, is Jeff and Lisa’s relationship.  He’s a world traveling photographer who ends up in all kinds of rough situations, and he doesn’t believe that Lisa could possibly ever exist in the world he inhabits.  But, as the movie progresses, we see Lisa climbing fences, taking risks, and showing that there’s more to her than Jeff realized.

I know the pacing of Hitchcock movies aren’t to everyone’s taste, and that a movie which takes place entirely on one set seems a little daunting to make it through, but if you have the patience for it, watch this one.  I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

10 – .3 for one scene near the end I thought was a little silly – .2 because yes, it can be a little tedious at times = 9.5