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Seriously James, what's with the hair?

Seriously James, what's with the hair?


Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench

M: Ask him about Slate. 
Tanner: She wants to know about Slate. 
James Bond: Slate was a dead end. 
Tanner: He says it was a dead end. 
M: Damn! He killed him. 

Um…let’s see…there’s a bad guy, who’s working with other corrupt people…and his plan is…um…I think it’s to control the water supply…somewhere…in South America?  Bond is trying to stop him, while simultaneously exacting revenge on those who were responsible for the death of Vespa, the woman from the last movie.

I remember when this came out, it got some negative criticisms, and I can see why.  Though, it wasn’t as bad a movie as I thought it would be.  My only issues with it is that it’s a little hard to follow.  Or, maybe it just doesn’t compel you to want to follow it closely.

It’s not just the overarching plot, but also specific scenes that are hard to follow.  Especially the action sequences.  The first thing we see in the movie is a car chase that cuts from shot to shot about every 0.7 seconds.  It’s dizzying, and not in a good way.  All the cars look the same, and you’re just left to assume that it’s the bad guys going over the cliff to their demise and not Bond.  The frenetic pace seemed more suited for a Jackie Chan movie than a James Bond film.

Also, to me it’s just bad writing to have roughly 8 million rounds of ammunition fired at Bond throughout the movie – often at close range – without one bullet ever even nicking him.   Bond probably fires about 25 shots in the movie, and connects dead on with about 90% efficiency.  These villains make the storm troopers from Star Wars seem like sharp-shooters.

There are definitely some good moments along the way.  There’s a good scene at an opera, and I thought Bond and Camille (Kurylenko) were good in their scenes together.   Plus, I liked the whole revenge storyline because it gave some heart to a movie that otherwise would just be a series of indecipherable car chases, boat chases, and fight scenes.

Lastly, isn’t James Bond supposed to have better hair than what Daniel Craig is sporting in his two movies?  I mean, I’m the last person that should be criticizing somebody’s hair, but come on…grow it out a little, give it some waviness or something…anything more suave than what he’s got going on.

10 – .4 for confusing car/boat chases – 3 for a boring villain with a boring master plan – .2 for bad opening song + .5 for good bond girl – .2 for bad hair =  6.7