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Born Into Brothels

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Zana Briski and a bunch of kids, all as themselves.

A documentary about the children being raised in the red light district of Calcutta, and the obstacles in the way of them ever finding a life outside of the one they’re born into.

Well this one is a little tough to watch because you just want to load these kids all up on a bus, drive them to the airport, and fly them to anywhere but the situation they’re in, but you know that most of them – and millions of kids around the world like them – won’t ever have the chance.   Aside from that, it’s at least nice to see them finding some joy in life, mainly through photography.  That was what struck me the most, the fact that taking pictures of one’s surroundings is a universally enjoyable thing.  I’m still not entirely sure why that is, but taking snap shots of the world around you seems to bring joy to a lot of people, young and old, and these kids were no exception.  They really lit up when they’d find something interesting to photograph, and then again later when they got to look through all of their pictures.

The other thing that was obvious is that it is painfully frustrating to get anybody to really help these kids escape from the future of prostitution, poverty, and drugs that they face, and I’m sure we didn’t even see half of the roadblocks in the movie.  Not all – or even many – of their stories are going to have happy endings, but at least some of them seem to have hope for a possible better future.

10 – 1 for a little bit of sugar-coating and over-polishing here and there + .5 for fun music used well – .3 for a little vanity = 9.2