I think I’ll just jump right into posting now.  Though, I’ve never been a fan of just jumping into things.  Like, pits, ditches, oncoming traffic, or even swimming pools.  I usually just use the stairs in pools.  Obviously jumping in is the much cooler method of pool entry, but when I do that, I tend to suffer from water-up-da-nose syndrome.  So, I must hold my nose as I leap, which ends up looking kinda girlish.   Not that girls don’t look great, I mean, they do obviously.  Ok, I’ll pick a new word…wimpy.  It looks wimpy, or maybe childish, to hold your nose making that leap.   I think most guys who run and leap into a pool picture themselves – even if just for a moment – as a Navy SEAL, leaping from a helicopter into a turbulent ocean below…at night…with a gun…and no, NOT holding his nose.

Speaking of guy stuff, today I was watching the new trailer for the upcoming 4th movie in the Terminator series, Terminator: Salvation.  I must say, it looks fairly sweet.  And I’m not even that into big giant robot action movies.  For instance, I thought Transformers was an overblown mess of a movie.  This could be to, but it looks like it’ll have more of a serious tone to it:

Speaking of robots (man, I’m king of segues today!), I did, in fact, draw the robot at the top of the page of this bloggy blog.  He’s the “Robot who likes pretty things”.  Originally he was a doodle I drew in a work meeting, but now he has been copy-pasted and colorized.

Speaking of…um….stuff…Camera Obscura is going to be playing at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta on June 19.  I plan to be there.  I love them.

I will be writing more here…and it will be random.  If you don’t like it (or do), feel free to thoughtfully stroke your mustache, adjust your bow tie a little, and then leave me a well constructed comment below.

You, the reader

You, the reader