I can’t decide if this is awesome or nauseating…or awesomely nauseating…or nauseatingly awesome…or elephantly islandish, or whatever word combo you want to use.  Your choice.  Just watch.

Sorry to those who have a fundamental problem with attaching cameras to animals.  I’m a little torn on the subject.  On the one hand, it’s awesome.  On the other hand, what if the camera falls off and breaks or gets lost?  Oh, and there’s the whole cruelty to animals angle too.   But who’s to say they don’t WANT to film their exploits, eh?  I like filming stuff.  Maybe it’s this bird’s lifelong dream to film life from his POV.   He just has lacked the funds and the fingers to do so.   He was a little SpEAGLEberg in waiting….

I’m truly sorry for that last joke.